Definições da palavra SET

Você sabia que a palavra “set” tem mais definições do que qualquer palavra na língua inglesa? Segue a lista, querido aluno da Wizard Curitiba! Vamos estudar, ok!? (todos os exemplos foram retirados do


Put/start 1. set something/somebody + adverb/prepositionto put something/somebody in a particular place or positionShe set a tray down on the table.They ate everything that was set in front of them.The house is set (= located) in fifty acres of parkland.

2. transitive to cause somebody/something to be in a particular state; to start something happeningset somebody/something + adverb/prepositionHer manner immediately set everyone at their ease.He pulled the lever and set the machine in motion.The new leader has set the party on the road to success.set somebody/something + adjectiveThe hijackers set the hostages free.set somebody/something doing somethingHer remarks set me thinking.

Play/book/movie 3. set something + adverb/prepositionto place the action of a play, novel or film/movie in a particular place, time, etcThe novel is set in London in the 1960s.

Clock/machine 4. set something (+ adverb/preposition)to prepare or arrange something so that it is ready for use or in positionShe set the camera on automatic.I set my watch by (= make it show the same time as) the TV.Set the alarm for 7 o’clock.

Table 5. set a/the table (for somebody/something)to arrange knives, forks, etc. on a table for a mealCould you set the table for dinner?The table was set for six guests.

Jewellery 6.  to put a precious stone into a piece of jewelleryset A in BShe had the sapphire set in a gold ring.set B with AHer bracelet was set with emeralds.

Arrange 7. set somethingto arrange or fix something; to decide on somethingThey haven’t set a date for their wedding yet.The government has set strict limits on public spending this year.

Example/standard, etc. 8. set somethingto fix something so that others copy it or try to achieve itThis could set a new fashion.They set high standards of customer service.I am unwilling to set a precedent.She set a new world record for the high jump.I rely on you to set a good example.

Work/task 9. set something (for somebody)|set somebody (to do something)to give somebody a piece of work, a task, etcset somethingWho will be setting (= writing the questions for) the French exam?set something for somethingWhat books have been set (= are to be studied) for the English course?set something for somebody/yourselfShe’s set a difficult task for herself.set somebody/yourself somethingShe’s set herself a difficult task.set somebody/yourself to do somethingI’ve set myself to finish the job by the end of the month.

Become firm 10.  to become firm or hardLeave the concrete to set for a few hours.+ adjectiveThe glue had set hard.

Face 11. set somethingto fix your face into a firm expressionHer jaw was set in a determined manner.

Hair 12. set somethingto arrange somebody’s hair while it is wet so that it dries in a particular styleShe had her hair washed and set.

Bone 13. set (something)to put a broken bone into a fixed position and hold it there, so that it will heal; to heal in this wayThe surgeon set her broken arm.

For printing 14. set something(technical) to use a machine or computer to arrange writing and images on pages in order to prepare a book, newspaper, etc. for printingsee also typesetter.

Words to music 15. set something (to something)to write music to go with wordsSchubert set many poems to music.

Of sun/moon 16.  to go down below the horizonWe sat and watched the sun setting.see also sunset opposite rise.

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